The God of Infinite Things

By Sunil Kumar

If music be the food of thought, play on. Jarring sounds heard at length; the noisy cacophony of existence. You can only hear the songs of ideation; the world around you. Patriotism is a limiting feeling; yet it leads to some of the most interesting conflicts in history. It is the futility of existence in itself; that leads us to such surges of emotion.

Ayemenem in Kerala; Communism and conflicts in a Syrian-Catholic household; and we have international recognition. Case in point; the Tarun Tejpal produced “God of Small Things” which propelled the Malabari Arundhati Roy to national shouting status.

Our country is wonderfully tolerant; to the point of self-destructiveness. Yes. we want ideas and opinions; but not if they undermine the fabric of the country. A long time ago; the Nestorian descendants of the Christ were sent to a tolerant kingdom in Hindu India; the coconut state of Kerala. From Madras Presidency; the former states of Malabar and Travancore; arose the present-day “most literate” state.

The arbiters of present-day destiny; the hypocritically liberal countries of Western Europe and North America love narratives that point out warts in others. After all; a human tendency; it makes us feel good about ourselves. So, you can accuse Orthodox Russia following a policy of studied self-interest; while the former power republic indulges in a similar propoganda exercise itself.

India often plays up the views of the jet-setting anarchist; Arundhati Roy. Don’t get me wrong; your thoughts are sometimes flowing and evocative. It’s the sheer malevolence such people display to the “Mathrubhoomi” that is jarring; the snake-tongued repulsive “Nosferatu” inside your curried brain. In contrast Sir V.S Naipaul; the brave champion of straight talk; whose books are as boring as Roy. I want “The Algebra of Infinite Justice“; delivered to every household; especially the middle class; whose interests are crushed in the dialogue between the rich have-nots and the socially empowered poor.

Why does terrorism find such an easy home in disgruntled members of the country’s biggest minority? Pretty easy to “cry wolf” when everybody else does not do it after “equal” misery. What’s your problem, mates; wasn’t 800 years of looting enough? After all; Hindus have been discriminated against in their own nation. No friggin’ reservation for me; not that I asked for one, actually! The shrill sounds of these self-appointed pseudo-moralists fall silent when Hindus are attacked in her own state; and a Keralite Catholic priest’s hands are cut off. Pray; why bother about the distant vale of Kashmir? Did your limited understanding of North India’s history, visits to some “Akka” and virulent angst aimed at being in the spotlight make you “shallow” justice incarnate.

The Hindus here have been victims of centuries of oppression;  subjected to a great genocide. Urban centres are full of these “pandit” migrants; who actually need to shout out for their own interests. In this real-life  “Case of Exploding Rifles”; the Kashmiri Hindu is pathetically underwhelmed; a Brahmin sycophant; outshouted by a disgusting state and its vile representatives. The Indian state does not heed their call; probably because it is forever indulging in Dravidian obfuscation spiced with Bengali “puchka”; “vada pau”, Gujarati dhokla and North India’s sweet induced “chai”onomics.

The country’s hospitality allows foreign commentators to shoot their mouths off; plan literary festivals; and let everybody make money in the non-stop charade of the “aesthetic mirage” of life. Do I call a faggot a faggot? Of course I want to; but then I also believe in “live and let live”; probably my Hindu heritage. “Amar Sonar Bharat”; a place where “Paschim” is in “Purab”. Row your boat gently into the sea; so that we can have foreign sailors shoot indiscriminately; and “Madams” let them go home for Christmas. After all; the land of the “Godfather” should get some satisfaction. Corleone, Si.

I love AK-49s by the way. New invention. As Modi”ji” said; we have two Pakistan can use; Kejriwal and the honorable minister of defence. 1962 meant another supposedly “intellectual” crony Menon guides us to a snowy confrontation with China. Sometimes I struggle to understand what this word means; probably it’s a connotation for “cleverness” but not intelligence. If we need intellect and imagination; the country’s enemies come up with new ways; aided and abetted by a lackadaisical public intent on Bollywood, cricket and liking each others parties.

The Indian state; that monolithic machine of the inept and industrious; can only be helped if it is assisted and changed by genuine “agents” of good; not egotist political parties; social activists and overhyped celebrities. Until then, I pray to the “God of Infinite Things”.




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