Game of Thrones

By Sunil Kumar

As we near the final leg of the 2014 Indian elections; it’s a “Game of Thrones” episode a day. 1/5th of the world’s population: More than 800 million Hindus; 190 million Muslims(the largest in the world); 30 million Sikhs; an equivalent number of Christians and the backward class debate. Coupled with incessant slanging matches on television; Hindi, English, every regional language.

English: Vishnupadh temple Gaya

Visit English: Vishnupadh temple Gaya (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Watched the Times Now anchor Arnab Goswami take on another Hindu saint in order to boost his TRPs. While some of his debates seem to have a point; the rest like this one are inane; an incessant slanging match. When a trivial non-issue can be exaggerated beyond belief; there is certainly an element of doubt as to the motives of the Bong Babu. Maybe the historian Ramachandra Guha; Noakhali, cross-border infiltration may refresh his memory a little; if it is not obfuscated by visions of grandeur.

The Marwari Boss has already made enough money; it’s Goswami hankering for more fame. Definitely playing with fire; look East Goswami towards; the fertile plains of Bangladesh. Or maybe one day; the Pakistanis may get to Kolkata, Asansol and Kharagpur; and we’ll have you officially spouting half-baked wisdom with a beard. The Lord Arbiter of Nothingness; when your Anglicized drivel may amount to zilch in front of a New Sultanate.

Ramachandra Guha

Visit Ramachandra Guha (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On another channel; official bodies seemed to be deliberately misleading a citizen activist on very relevant issues(missing names in voting lists). The government’s watchdog agency slaps something on TRS( a party in Telangana which ditched the GOP at the last moment). Daily proof; dal mein zarur kuch kala hai!

The missing voters in this year’s list in Mumbai and Pune point suspiciously in one party’s direction. In areas well known to be a stronghold of one community; large-scale deletion takes place systematically; and in another area known to be shady stronghold of terrorism and Naxalite sympathisers(read “Red Sun”; I liked this Bong(gave me a free copy in London); we have comparitively lesser names of the list.

The Chief Minister of the great state of Western Rashtra deliberately diverts the question by accusing senior corporate captains like Deepak Parekh of not checking the list before voting. A similar incident occurs with Jethmalani; a known outspoken trenchant critic.

A Game of Thrones

Visit A Game of Thrones (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

India’s minorities; the thinking variety; seem to be gravitating towards the Aam Aadmi Party. So; we have entire building rosters going missing in places. Conclusions are easy to draw; I will not make any; whoever’s reading can infer the rest. Television debates show sycophantic GOP spokespersons forever in a terse grimace; negating the effect of other parties. Whatever instructions you have may have received from Senora Capo and her desi henchmen is followed to the letter; wonderful. Maybe Bihar could do without Maithili Brahmins and listen to the Sinhas(Khamosh, the opposition has Shatrughan and Yeshwant”ji”).

English: Actor turned minister

Visit English: Actor turned minister (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To another man I’ve admired; Derek O’Brien.(The quiz shows were good). As a devout Catholic; you have officially explained how the Archbishops report to the five Cardinals; who in turn receive orders from the Vatican.

Every Indian has the right to free speech; as many people have noted(enshrined in an article of the constitution) which unsurprisingly; many people may never know about during the course of their lifetimes.

Why, pray; does an obviously intelligent man such as Brien associate with a goon party now at the helm in West Bengal; power seems to be the only motivating factor. A real; genuine attempt at change does not seem to be evident. It is only the daily charade of sycophantic party spokesmen; supposedly “educated” pseudo-intellectuals sitting in foreign shores issuing edicts against fascism(something their puny brains cannot fathom after a daily round of boozing; smoking and sucking up to the Joneses; (you’ve got the prizes already) and non-stop debates on triviality(missing the wood for the trees). Instead of meddling with Hindustan; maybe you could make England, America and Canada more inclusive societies(lessen the obvious bias).

That sums up my daily blog post! More later!



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