Fifty Shades Of Jhadu

By Sunil Kumar

To be, or not to be; that is the question-

Whether tis’Nobler in the mind to suffer

The Slings And Arrows of outrageous fortune,

Or to take Arms against a sea of troubles;

And, by opposing, end them?

Puerta de la India

India Gate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


William Shakespeare

Cover of William Shakespeare

– Hamlet; William Shakespeare

The broom swept Delhi; and the tragi-comic figure of Arvind Kejriwal assumed centre-stage; promising the moon to the national capital’s voters. Comments on sartorial elegance better left to fashionistas; Kejriwal sounded honestly corny to my ears; his humility on Delhi FM a practised act; as fake as Narendra Modi’s “sevak” visage; that may still have a slight ring of truth; in either case.

National politics is more akin to a sado-masochistic endeavor; with an eager public lapping up promises; cheaper by the dozen. The extended engagement with politics is a narcissistic enterprise like any other; fueling the national drama; and collective identity like nothing else.

In its practiced stance of nonchalance; the BBC snubs the Indian government’s protests and airs “India’s Daughter”; exposing the supposed hypocrisy of this society. Maybe, the country could retaliate a la Khobragade. But then Singh is still king; and it is not the same thing. Frankly; the attitude of the administration is puzzling; any ban only leads to increased interest; and anybody with a semblance of an intellect knows that the internet and smartphones facilitate quick sharing; so any sort of curbing could be counterproductive.

English: This is well renowned poet.

Kumar Vishwas; a poet(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The sacking of Yogendra Yadav and Prashant Bhushan from the AAP’s political affairs committee has exposed a rift the political observer always suspected. Aspirations are cleverly disguised in the Gandhian mask donned by our nation’s political elite; and the same insidious mix of pretentious humility and servility served up to con the voter.

The Aam Aadmi party symbol(broom or jhadu) could have been truly revolutionary if it actually managed to change something; rather than land up in the same stinking gutter that plagues the rest of India. In the beginning; Kejriwal stood as a symbol of hope; the kind that actually signals a new beginning; the real reason why Gujarat’s former Chief Minister is presently in Delhi; his Amdavadi core intact.

Kumar Vishwas reminds us that English is the language of a pretentious elite; spoken these days by all and sundry; and the true story of this country is maybe “Kishan V/s Kanhaiya”

and a heady dose of exaggeration; everybody listening avidly to their own versions of reality; with minimal patience for anything else. On the other hand; Tarun Tejpal seems to have set a precedent for affairs of the other kind; with TERI chief R.K Pachauri coming under the scanner for his alleged sexual harrasment.

Shazia Ilmi‘s exit from the AAP meant that Ashutosh Gupta; the other journalist in the fray is now a close aide of Kejriwal; and will assume a greater role within the party.

Yogendra Yadav; known as “Salim Bhai” to his family; ostensibly a secular response to a rampaging Muslim mob in his own country, Hindustan or India; is a prime example of what in other countries would be uncharitably called as a cowardly intellectual. Delhi’s labyrinth has always been a web of intrigue and deceit; but instrumental in shaping our collective future.

The broom is apparently meant to sweep away muck; so deeply ingrained in our national psyche; that we would need another “Swacchta” Abhiyaan. Although currently fashionable to focus on the flip side; the jhadu should be used intelligently by the Aam Aadmi Party to create a better future. Otherwise; it’s all talk and no work; something that makes Ram an impoverished boy. For the sake of India; do better.



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