My Farcical Vote; St. Kejriwal And The Corruption Dragon

By Sunil Kumar

It’s the world’s largest democracy; so like other dutiful citizens choosing to exercise the mandate; I did vote. Before casting my ballot; I saw where every one of our contenders lived. The constituency they represent is not the one most of them reside in.

English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting

Visit English: Ballot Box showing preferential voting (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After the charade of the most debated elections in recent history; the results came out. The same faces were visible on television and in the print media; mouthing a similar version of a convenient truth. A few posters were visible on the sidewalk and the traffic signals; implying that the voter was thanked for his participation. This is something I have seen routinely over many years.

But; isn’t this farcical on the name of democracy? Will I see the MP, the corporator and the MLA which my vote has managed to get to office! I’m a drop in the ocean of people; but still as we all know; every one counts.

Inclusive democracy is a farce until all of the people mentioned above do not visit their electorate at regular intervals during the time they are in office. We know that you have matters to attend to; debate things in air-conditioned offices; sanction budgets; and whatever else. Due respect to the large majority that has elected all of our representatives to office could only emanate from regularly meeting people; addressing valid concerns; and making a tangible difference over the course of five years.

Instead; politics, the much maligned last refuge of scoundrels has become precisely that; jousting for power and influence over a hapless bunch of people. Coffee-table discussions and everybody from big corporates to the “aam aadmi” believing that a new dispensation could be useful for their own compulsions and motivations. St Kejriwal the crusader is in Tihar jail for his crusade against corrupt politicians; and most of us know the man in question. The ensuing drama has now become a AAP cliche; resulting in partial desensitization and frustration.

Although the initial support for Kejriwal was due to his anti-corruption agenda; he seems to have lost the plot a little. Genuine concern for change is not what is being projected; and opportunism; the hallmark of Indian politics has already come out in the open; with the quitting of founding members from his party.

The corruption dragon has not been tamed; instead we have a similar state of affairs; with a mandate for decisive governance being given to the current single largest party. I want the vote; the symbol of democracy to count; and bring about real constructive change.

Can we create a newer more inclusive setup; a better country not just in pockets; but across the length and breadth of the nation! On the local level; the genuflection to a larger party leader is a singularly native democratic characteristic; as if the world could change due to a few individuals. This is not to say that such a situation does not prevail elsewhere around the planet.

But; we want a change in India; and true democracy to take root everywhere; and make a profound long-term impact!



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