Do you think ‘Henry Cavill’ could have been a better choice to play ‘King Henry VIII’ instead of ‘Jonathan Rhys Meyers’ in ‘The Tudors’?

By Sunil Kumar

Frankly, no. Neither actor looks like the real Henry VIII- an obese man who was reportedly massive – this comes across in many portraits and artifacts.

I can vouch for this as a fact as I’ve seen the real-life dress of Henry VIII in one of the royal palaces in London- Hampton Court, Windsor or Buckingham. Now for the TV series- The Tudors.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers was infinitely more menacing and a better choice to play the eccentric, pompous King of England rather than ‘Superman’ Henry Cavill who played Charles Brandon, the Duke of Suffolk. In fact, I watched the series solely due to his acting and the vicious Anne Boleyn although it deteriorated and was steadily more boring as it went along.

In comparison- ‘Reign’ – based on Mary, Queen of Scots was more entertaining as a soap although it diverted from real history even more.

So, that’s my opinion.

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