Django Unchained

By Sunil Kumar

Ooof, Poof, we’ve got guns in the West. Horses and women. Typical Western; but this one’s with a twist. Kind of late in the day to do a review on “Django Unchained“. But, this is my portal; so anything eclectic and offbeat goes; even though it’s a few months(note: only some) old.

Bold and bloody; the movie can sometimes be disconcerting due to the graphic violence. But, then that’s a hallmark of Tarantino‘s movies. Set in the pre-American civil war era; Django unchained is a story of hope, courage and ultimately victory. Slavery in any form is degrading; whether it’s today’s economic imperialism, local brown, black or yellow slave-drivers; or the downright nastiness manifested all those years ago. The cocky Caucasians still retain some of their old degradation; or disguise some of it in countries across the globe.

For people who have short memories; India and China have also collectively helped to build the West. Britain and other European powers indulged in outright exploitation; whereas North America used our people in states as far away as California and Ontario. According to a noted Indian Vivek Wadhwa consulted by President Obama; nearly 50% of all Silicon Valley Startups were created by people from Bharat; resulting in today’s technological prowess.

Back to the movie. The music is fun; and Quentin Tarantino makes an appearance like Hitchcock in the latter half of the film. Although the movie’s message is positive; the gory visuals can put some people off.  Samuel L. Jackson was perfect as a despicable African-American crony. Along with German bounty-hunter Schultz; Django sets off on a wild quest in the old South. I don’t give out any spoilers; so you’re better off watching the movie if you want to know the full story. Tarantino liked the genre so much; he’s planning to make something on similar lines. The dialogue in “Pulp Fiction” was way cooler than this; but Django Unchained remains etched in this memory at least for the climax. Rated: Interesting.



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