What is the difference between Cleopatra and Tryphaena?

Tryphaena was a Ptolemaic princess; the oldest daughter of the Egyptian king Ptolemy VIII Physcon and his niece and wife Cleopatra III. Therefore, she was the sister of Ptolemy IX Lathyros, Ptolemy X Alexander I, Cleopatra IV and Cleopatra Selene I.

Her life story is interesting.


“ In 112 BC Antiochus VIII defeated his stepbrother and rival Antiochus IX Cyzicenus, and took Antioch, where Cleopatra IV, the wife of Antiochus IX, stayed. Tryphaena hated her sister Cleopatra IV, who had taken refuge in the temple of Apollo, and wanted her to be killed. She accused Cleopatra IV of introducing foreign armies into the dispute between the Seleucid stepbrothers and marrying outside Egypt against the will of her mother.

Silver tetradrachma of egyptian pharao Ptolemy...

Visit sunil-kumar.co.in Silver tetradrachma of egyptian pharao Ptolemy IX. Soter II., 109 BC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Antiochus VIII tried in vain to dissuade his wife; who got her sister executed despite his refrain that their ancestors had not dealt violently with women. Before dying Cleopatra IV cursed her murderers; leaving her revenge to the Greek gods.

A year later (111 BC) Tryphaena was taken prisoner by Antiochus IX after he had beaten his stepbrother in another battle. Antiochus IX then had her executed.”

If you’re referring to the most popular Cleopatra(with Caesar and Mark Antony); according to historians; she came later(Cleopatra VII Philopator born in Alexandria; 69 B.C.)


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