Did Indira Gandhi know she was going to be assassinated?

By Sunil Kumar

After the assault on the Golden Temple; Indira Gandhi would certainly have been aware of the fact that there would be considerable resentment amongst the Sikhs.

It is speculated that the PM had a premonition regarding her death. On a visit to Bhubhaneshwar a day before her assassination on Oct 31, 1984 she suddenly articulated something which was out of context. In a trembling voice Indira said, “If I lose my life for the country, every drop of my blood shall strengthen the nation”.

Smt Indira Gandhi Last Speech

According to Amrita Pritam; a famous writer and poetess and friend of the former PM; “Indiraji called me to her residence at about 6.45 p.m on September 30. I spent an hour with her. We talked about security arrangements. She seemed a little restless and said, ‘Yes; I think there are some weak spots here.’

The serious writer continues, “It was the night of October 27. I was sleeping. I dreamt that an orb of light changed into a ball of smouldering fire. Then I heard a few explosions. It was the same sound; a cosmic vibe; the same visual when Indiraji was shot at…I find myself at the staircase of a fort. There were hundreds of footsteps going down. She stood somewhere in the middle. Emerging from some room on the right; she suddenly vanishes and the stairs are vacant, enveloped in darkness.”

As a sensitive scribe; Pritam probably sensed the assassination(or imaginary license later) and ensuing bloodbath via a dream.

But coming to the point mentioned in this question; rationally, Indira would certainly have had no inclination that her own personal bodyguards Beant and Satwant Singh would carry out the act. She would have certainly put better measures in place if this was the case.

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