Did Alexander the Great have a love life?

By Sunil Kumar

Ofcourse; Alexander was possibly bisexual. For a guy who wanted to reach the ends of the earth(the known world at the time) and who defeated the very formidable Persian empire; carnal relations were a sidetrack in his dreams of becoming a “living” God.

Speculated to have had a homesexual relationship with Hephaestion; his cavalry commander and childhood friend who studied with him under famous philosopher, Aristotle.

According to Greek historian Diodorus Siculus account of Alexander after the defeat of the Persian Darius;

Quote starts: “Then he put on the Persian diadem and dressed himself in the white robe and the Persian sash and everything else except the trousers and the long-sleeved upper garment.

He distributed to his companions cloaks with purple borders and dressed the horses in Persian harness. In addition to all this, he added concubines to his retinue in the manner of Darius, in number not less than the days of the year and outstanding in beauty as selected from all the women of Asia. Each night these paraded about the couch of the king so that he might select the one with whom he would lie that night.” – End Quote.

The guy married three times; Roxana of Bactria, Stateira and Parysatis. Now; as a famous king; he could have taken as many mistresses as he liked; but there are fewer accounts of his “extracurricular” love life; and more of his aspirations for military domination, wars and battles. Some other sources also claim that Alexander was intimate with a Persian eunuch( “hijra”) Bagoas who was formerly the lover of the king Darius. So; quite a lively love life.

Alexander is more known for his military expeditions; and by all accounts it seems that he was also more focused on the “war” aspect in his short existence.

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