Comedy Nights With Kapil, Humour And Chamchagiri

By Sunil Kumar(Actually the last name’s not Sharma there’s an “ani”)(Indus Ancestry)(Proud of it).

Watched the episode with Amitabh Bachchan yesterday. One of the positive outcomes of the “Comedy Nights With Kapil” show is that the slummy shitty Mumbai brand of humour has been tempered by North Indian(largely Punjabi) association. Amitabh at his suave and understated best always comes across as a civilized “insaan”.

Amitabh Bachchan

Visit Cover of Amitabh Bachchan

Compare this to the “bujhness” friendly all-known Gujarati-sponsored rags(read the Chorwad company) that permeate the mainstream media. Lacking the finesse of a “kavi sammelan” or a zahin Urdu “mushaira”; the Gujarati and its sycophantic “Ghati”(Maharashtrian) brand of humour(The brand of “quarter”giri in this part of the country) always revels in cynical self-serving putdowns; that seem to indicate a lack of intelligence, knowledge or “both”.

We all know that practically everyone has some element of latent intellect, manifested in different forms; some less or some more. With trash talk that has now permeated national discourse; courtesy Modi and his rivals(everybody); one wonders whether there is a way out. For we know that history and geography are not Modi’s forte; straight bluster is not a hallmark of the Grand Old “Khon”Gress. The Sikh in-charge is decent; a quiet “Dhritrashtra”; but we know the rest.

English: Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi at the lau...

Visit English: Bollywood actor Kabir Bedi at the launch of Mehul Kumar’s Krantiveer 2, also present at the event were Bollywood stars Amitabh Bachchan, Nana Patekar, (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Abysmal regionalism; sycophancy and sadak-chaap strategies may determine your media and vote plan; but pray give a thought to a little refinement. Aditya Thackeray may give the Bawa writer Mistry(comfortably passing his days in Canada) safe passage; but does that really merit so much coverage in the toilet rag of a tabloid dished out to please “tamari” Rajkot, Navsari and Jamnagar”ni” egos. The next collective picnic may be less of the paid “junket” and more about substance.

Arnab Goswami; if you’re reading this; talk to your Marwari boss. A little civility like you sometimes display; may give your group a little more “izzat”. Also admiration from Tollygunge to Timbaktu.

Peccavi; I have Sin(ned)d. An article on the history of my snide Sindhi friends will be put later. Was really pained to see a scholar such as Shri Jaswant Singh again falling prey to internal politics in the BJP. Your book on the Kathiawari schemer Jinnah was insightful; but shouldn’t all of you old fogeys reconcile with each other’s massive egos.

English: Gandhi and Jinnah in Bombay, Septembe...

Visit English: Gandhi and Jinnah in Bombay, September 1944. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Admiration for the Notorious B.I.G(Modzilla) has been due to his patriotic speeches and sometimes perceptive observations on the state of Indian polity. We also need the Aam Aadmi party headed by Shri Kejriwal to point out flaws in the current system; which are indeed many. But he should shirk the lure of the votebank; the idiocy of appeasement; and focus more on rational governance. Anarchy is not beneficial for the republic and its enemies.

Secondly; M.K Gandhi; the “bania” whose Gujarati self-centredness, disgusting stupidity, regionalism, favoritism and British shoe-licking has led to the semi- sad state of the current secular socialist democratic republic; should be kicked out as the country’s “bottom of mind” national icon. Gandhi is actually a disgusting joke; only raked up in useless functions; for meaningless causes; largely money being stolen as the “bania” looks upon silently.

During his lifetime; as the poetess Sarojini Naidu said; it took a fortune to keep him in his “semi-clad” fakir state. When the half-naked mendicant went to meet the King Emperor; Winston Churchill taught him a thing or two about propriety. If all of India was like the state of Gujarat; it would have been very dull. No affront to my friends in this land on the western front; the beauty of the country lies in multiple tongues; varied dances, music, landscapes and interesting food.

In an earlier post; I said something about Modi not being Hitler; bad Indian analogy. Indeed; all of our problems are very local; we should think about them in this country’s context; not something international. So; one day we have some foreign agency praising the BJP contender; and on another day; something critical is said about him.

The Anglicized media; populated by wogs; plays up all of this as it was something life-changing. Focus on some subjects such as “roti”; “kapda” and “makaan” for instance. We have a race of people who are as Macaulay; the obnoxious Briton responsible for Indian universities wanted them; brown or black in color; with English making them crony pretentious nincompoops. Nothing against the language; which I love; but the state of mind; brothers.

I also don’t want the Bania(Gandhi) on the back of every currency bill. The Dravidians at the RBI; please take note. Bring back the old notes; with many people marching together; or other freedom fighters such as Bhagat Singh; Lala Lajpatrai, Subhash Chandra Bose; Kripalani(many more) instead of the toothless grin. More credit to Vinayak Damodar Savarkar and Nathuram Godse; for their selfless contribution to the future of the republic.

To my Gujarati “Yank” friends; look at the back of the “dollar” bill. There’s Franklin, Washington; the Great Seal of the United States. Practically difficult for our friends across the Arabian Sea Pond to replicate.

The “janata” of the country should be aware of its power like Gabbar Singh. Modi, etc; tera kya hoga? Speculation everyday will end in a month; and the “beloved” nation shall get its next government. Abki baar; jiski bhi sarkaar; kripya karein desh ka beda paar. It’s the country that counts; all ye devout. Old party stalwarts like Advani; Swaraj, Jaitley, Joshi etc have contributed to the current phenomenon; and it remains to be seen what happens.

For once; there seems to be more interest in the national elections; even from outside. The lackadaisical people of the commercial capital have always displayed a pitiful lack of awareness about the national scenario. All across the country; a positive outcome of electioneering has been “animated interest” in the country’s future.

But; a check has to be put on regional “triumphalism”. A Prime Minister is elected for the entire country; not due to the fact that he or she belongs to a “certain” state. Then they will be as lousy as the pathetic “railway” ministers(Biharis and Bengalis(I’ll put in the South(Kerala)) who start more trains only for their own state. Only exception to this was Bansal”ji” who initiated trains everywhere; but we know the ensuing scandal.

I live in Mumbai; o great strategy planners and thinkers; the commercial capital should have more public transport; or are you people busy deliberating and fighting in the next “yak-yak” debate. Nice industry we have here; the news business; good if only we can derive some change.






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