Is Christianity An Invention?

By Sunil Kumar

The world’s mindscape is full of religion. Much of human history has been inspired by this singular zeal; a fanatical obsession with beliefs that have no rational basis to them except for mass feeling. The truth will always be a matter of debate; but here’s a startling contention that makes for yet another bunch of books, documentary and other marketing paraphernalia.

According to a bunch of historical experts; Christianity(the present-day religion) was an invention of the Flavians; a powerful group who wielded considerable influence in the erstwhile Roman empire. In fact Kristos(the Messiah) is another name for Caesar; and the Bible is a literary creation; written by a Jew who was working for his Roman power brokers.

P.N Oak; who asserts a Vedic background to everything; even believes that the Vatican is an erstwhile Shiva temple. Whatever the truth is; the fact remains that the ancient world is very mysterious; and nobody is absolutely sure of what really happened. Global conspiracies are the staple of prime-time news; movies, comics and other creative effusions. But nobody can deny that the world is like a big book where many pages have been altered or discarded.


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