जयपूर साहित्य उत्सव कसा आहे?


By Sunil Kumar मी जयपुर लिटरेचर फेस्टिव्हलमध्ये 5 वेळा, 2012, 2013, 15, 17 आणि यावर्षी 2019 गेला तर या प्रश्नाचे उत्तर देऊ शकतो. या स्व-घोषित पृथ्वीवरील सर्वात मोठ्या शोबद्दल मिश्रित भावना. मान्य आहे की, नवीन अनुभव आणि जिज्ञासाचा हा घटक …

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What is your review of ‘Malice’ by Keigo Higashino?

By Sunil Kumar ’ve read nearly all of Higashino’s books except ‘Naoko’ which is exorbitantly priced and the latest one. Regarding ‘Malice’, I read it more than a year back, and Higashino comes up with another gem. This one has …

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Why did William Dalrymple call Delhi ‘The City of Djinns?’


By Sunil Kumar You must be referring to one of his early books on Delhi- The City of Djinns. In fact, this was the first book of his I had read, although subsequently I managed to run through many of …

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How would the U.K. be different if not for colonialism?


By Sunil Kumar As an Indian who lived in the U.K; is fond of the English language, their literature and the beautiful landscapes of the country, I have mixed feelings when answering this question. How would the U.K be different …

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Sunil – Manzar E Khuda – Meri Nazm

By Sunil Kumar Baat Se Baat Nikli zubaan pe aa gayi Socha Tha Kashish Hai Thi Vo Tanhai Kya Malum Bewafa Vakt Ka Samundar Se Nikle Hue Darakhth ka Main Kahil hun Shamiane ke saaz ka Aasman mein udte hue …

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Sunday Samskritam

By Sunil K देव:   (God) 1st case  देव:  (God) (In Contrast to English where the noun only changes form when in plural or possession (Rama’s bow etc) 2. देवं   (To or towards God) 3. देवेन (By God) 4. …

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Who was Shashigupta Maurya?


By Sunil Kumar Interesting question. After some research from different sources; what you’ve mentioned is partially true. First of all; there was definitely a Shashigupta. The Maurya dynasty came later after Chandragupta made them popular launching a dynasty etc. As …

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Why is Mumbai not doing anything to clean mithi river?


By Sunil Kumar If you’re concerned; start an activist group or a petition; write to some local corporator or political interest group, NGO; and get some action initiated to clean the Mithi river. One of the reasons ascribed to the …

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Will Sherlock(the series) return?


By Sunil Kumar There have been no official announcements; but the BBC is hopeful that Sherlock will maybe return in two years time. It depends on the schedules of Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock) and Martin Freeman(Watson) who juggle television and movies a …

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Can Ashwini Kumaras be compared with Castor and Pollux?


By Sunil Kumar Apart from the fact that both of them are twins; and invoked for helping people(either through medicine or sailors); it is a stretch to draw a comparison. The Ashwins are sons of Surya and Saranyu; sometimes Samajna; …

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