If India was not granted independence in August 1947, would Ceylon have gained freedom from British occupation on February 4, 1948?


By Sunil Kumar    No; most probably. The Indian empire was the foundation for most of British expansion in South Asia as well as East Asia(Malaya, Singapore, Hong Kong, the Opium wars in China etc). The “Jewel in …

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Was there any visible change in Indira Gandhi’s working style after she was re-elected as PM in 1980?


By Sunil Kumar After the 7th General elections were held on 3rd and 6th Jan 1980; Indira Gandhi again became the 8th Prime Minister with a landslide victory of 353 seats; on Jan 14th.   Her prime-ministership(the final innings of …

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Do you think the Times of India is sexist?


By Sunil Kumar My Qra answers continued – Seriously; what else could you expect from a newspaper that is in the business of increasing their daily circulation and hyping it every chance they get. However; there is hypocrisy in the …

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