Bullets Over Broadway

By Sunil Kumar

Spectacles, neuroses and verbal diarrhea. Woody Allen Movies have all of these in plenty. I am partial to the first two; since I share these characteristics. Verbal diarrhea can be jarring; particularly for those who have to listen in quiet reflective disgust.

English: Woody Allen in concert in New York City.

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The movie discussed in this blog post is “Bullets Over Broadway“, a 1994 American crime comedy film.

The synopsis: In 1928, David Shayne (John Cusack) is an idealistic young playwright newly arrived on Broadway. In order to gain financing for his play, God of Our Fathers, he agrees to hire Olive Neal (Jennifer Tilly), the actress/girlfriend of a gangster. She is demanding and talentless, but her gangster escort Cheech (Chazz Palminteri) turns out to be a genius, who constantly comes up with excellent ideas for revising the play.

There was no Woody Allen in this movie. The ensemble cast composed of heaven knows; a bunch of Americans or Britons was engaging, quirky, offbeat. As an Indian; the things I liked in this movie was the funny acting; and a few laughs. Contrast this with other Allen fare; that sometimes sounds too verbose, self-questioning and long winding.

As in countless other movies; New York in particular was the central showpiece. Mr. Allen, consider making something on India, sans the usual stereotypes. The Black Hole of Botox; from the creative vortex of the brain’s space-time continuum. Sunil Kumar shall meet cyberspace tomorrow!


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