Breaking Bad: A Quest For Identity


By Sunil Kumar

“I am the danger”. When a drastically transformed Walter White mutters these words; a viewer who’s been drawn in by the curiously irreverent “Breaking Bad” universe experiences a strange other-worldly chill. I didn’t like this strange American series at first; abandoning the meth heads in the desert after a few snippets of a beautiful New Mexico desert. The wind and underwear; if these are considered as subtleties by some people from the devil’s own country. Mundus, coconut trees and self-destroying(ego-building) sarcasm; certainly something in common. (Down in the South(of India). Disclaimer: I’m an Indian patriot; and will always remain one. Unity in diversity.

With some free time on my hands; Walter White and Jesse Pinkman drew me into the strange world of Albuquerque, New Mexico with very interesting storylines; amazing music and aggressive black satire. The transformation of Walter White from a nerdy chemistry teacher to meth kingpin; and his equation with a bumbling and curiously vulnerable Pinkman kept this show alive; apart from Hank Schrader and Skyler; the main protagonist’s wife.

Breaking Bad (season 2)

Breaking Bad (season 2) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Indian TV shows could certainly pick up a few tricks from the pacing and emotional drama of both “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul“. Vidya Balan as a female “Walter White” could be better than a hamming SRK. On my movie radar this week; Manoj Bajpayee‘s “Aligarh” maybe. Social media is sickening and informative; flowers and thorns; something that is now addictive but also a vortex of wasted time. Every day is supposed to be an imprint; a trajectory in the continuum of my life. The creative force of nothingness often builds a new identity. A new thought spiraling into a wide web. All for today!





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