While Bhagat Singh hogs all the limelight; why is Chandrashekhar Azad lost in oblivion?

By Sunil Kumar

The reason for this according to me is the media and the movies.

The Punjabis are more sympathetic to Bhagat Singh; the Sikh; even though there were Rajguru and Sukhdeo apart from Singh. Since they formed and are still a major constituent of Bollywood; there’s a disproportionate number of movies made on him.

India/Pakistan Border, near Amritsar

Visit sunil-kumar.co.in India/Pakistan Border, near Amritsar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The media also has a tendency to latch on to popular sentiment; and so some people become revolutionary icons to a greater extent.

I agree with you. Great respect for Chandrashekhar Azad as a revolutionary hero; there should be more movies and coverage given to him.

statue of Legend Chandrashekhar Azad at Alfred...

Visit sunil-kumar.co.in statue of Legend Chandrashekhar Azad at Alfred Park, Allahabad (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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