Bang Bang!

By Sunil Kumar

After the pretentious arty gloom of “Haider”; we have the breezy svelte figures of Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif lightening up the Hindi film screen with the commercial and frivolous “Bang Bang“.

English: Autograph of Katrina Kaif

English:  Katrina Kaif (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The world’s kind of dark and full of challenges at any rate; so the standard masala potboiler won’t hurt in the age of realistic excess. The first scene with Jimmy Shergil sets up the action with the Indian Secret Service agent bumped off by the villain Omar Zafar(Danny Denzongpa).

Supposed to be a remake of the Hollywood film “Knight And Day”(Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz); the film has been suitably Indianized to appeal to local tastes. The daydreaming Harleen Sahani(Katrina Kaif) makes an appearance as a solitary girl living with her grandmother. A lot of exotic locations have been used by the director and the producers(Fox-Star Studios). Santorini, Phuket, Abu Dhabi, Prague make an appearance in Hrithik’s suave romp as an overt thief.

I shudder to read what the critic trade may make of this one; for we know that the world is full of green men and women living in a pseudo snide world of their own making. Lesson for the initiated; everything’s relative, subjective and never go by anything except your own gut feeling. Opinions seem to be tinged with the critic’s own perceptions; or what he may have experienced that day.

Hrithik’s cool moves are eloquent in dance; not in his slightly hammy acting. The current crop has Ranbir Kapoor; who seems a tad more natural in the acting department despite his coarse and crummy “tapori” antics. Katrina; no slouch either in the dance department; always sounds Anglicized in her Hindi dialogue delivery.

Frankly; the movie was “fun” compared to the rather heavy overdose of studied sombreness that was “Haider”. The audience seems to agree with me on this one; Hrithik’s film got a good opening; and has notched up more than 140 crores in the past few days. Better than “Krrissh 3”; Hrithik comes across as doing justice to the role in what should turn out to be one of Bollywood’s big grossers.


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