Why is Ayodhya often called Koshala and Mithila often Videha?

By Sunil Kumar

Kosala(Koshala) is the area synonymous with the present-day Awadh region(close to Lucknow). The Kosala region had three major cities, Ayodhya, Saket and Shravasti, and a number of minor towns as Setavya, Ukattha,Dandakappa, Nalakapana and Pankadha. According to the Puranas; it was where Ikshvaku and his descendants had their kingdom. Kosala(49th king after Manu) was the king of Ayodhya. After him; the kingdom of Ayodhya was called Koshala.

Sita in the Hermitage of Valmiki

Sita in the Hermitage of Valmiki (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mithila located in Janakpur(present-day Nepal) was the capital of the Videha kingdom ruled by King Janak(father of Sita in the Ramayana). Since it was the capital; it is often synonymous with the kingdom; and used to refer to the entire place(the Mithila kingdom instead of Videha).













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