Art, Museums And Collages

By Sunil Kumar


“Art illuminates the mind”- This saying can be attributed to me; as this is my website; all ye denizens of the great beyond. My recent visit to the capital(distinctive in its rather obfuscatory manner and unique citizens). Sabzi Mandi to Ballimaran; Greater Kailash to everywhere else. If you don’t get my drift; never mind.


After paying a visit to the Taj Mansingh; I stepped into the Jaipur House; aka; the National Gallery of Modern Art. For a nominal ticket; my mind lapped up the distinctive shades and eclectic vision of the artists; in their own personal rhapsodies. After all; that’s what art’s supposed to be, inn’it? Many normal folk including me wonder about the valuations given to personal conceptions; and who decides the moolah. Flowers; Vincent Van Gogh and then the pathos of artists such as Raphael and Rembrandt. Personally; after visiting museums and galleries in London and Switzerland; I am again reminded about the paucity of infrastructure in the nation. Lest anybody takes offense; I was not talking about the talent; which we have in abundance. Nevertheless; my visit here(in quiet reflective solitude) was amazing; and so was the art on offer. Especially old Bollywood actresses in enigmatic poses; Balkrishna creations. Abanindranath Tagore; F.H Souza, M.F Hussain, Tyeb Mehta, Raja Ravi Verma etc.

A panel with Nataraja (dancing form of Lord Sh...

Visit A panel with Nataraja (dancing form of Lord Shiva) in the main cave of Elephanta caves complex. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Mumbai has its own version in the Kala Ghoda area; and the only thing I loved in the Jehangir art Gallery here was “Samovar”; tucked within its decrepit body. Communism and symbolism often draw on the visual power of art; although it is decidedly a symbol of the landed bourgeoisie; whatever that’s supposed to mean. Duniya Pagal Hai; Aur Main Hoon Deewana! In the collage of existence; art is an interesting intrusion into our humdrum world. What do people treasure and why? Life would be boring without the religious images on offer in every part of the world; and significantly less complex and challenging. Conflict is possibly what creates dystopia; away from visions of perfect bliss and contentment; sold to the masses at large; who accept this in unblinking acceptance and move on.


Visit L1110571 (Photo credit: Darren and Brad)

So; anytime anybody in the rajdhani Delhi; worth a visit; if you’re into all of that.

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