The Americans Season 2 Finale

By Sunil Kumar

Of all the television serials put out for public consumption by the Americans and the British; this one’s a stealth bomber. Yeah, mates; I’m an Indian and we do get a lot of TV; much more than home base or Wembley; I believe.

The Punjabi Munday

Visit he Punjabi Munday (Photo credit: Gurumustuk Singh)

For those of you unfamiliar with this one; it’s Russian spies covertly living in the United States. The premise is fantastic as they act, walk and talk like Americana; with loyalties to Soviet Russia. Not much of an ask since the actors must be all Yanks anyways. Sounds less unnatural than us curry eaters( wonderful, hot, spicy, excellent ones) in Bharat(not Indiana) and pray do not give  “desis” afflicted garbled accents that sound like nothing any Indian I know ever spoke in. Me loves and sometimes curses this country’s English; by the way. The strange veneer of pretense and aspiration mixed with regional egos. Aadarniya Bhaiyon aur Behnon! Dhanyavad! Namaste!

On to the season finale; after an interesting bunch of episodes showing fissures in the spy family and the resolution of the Stan(FBI)-Nina episode. Annet Mahendru was quite delightful as Nina Sergeena(whatever surname that was)(You’re half Punjabi, meet me sometime. Just Kidding). Feminine curves are on full display in this spy series; but less flesh on air than Game of Thrones(which seems too graphic and way stupid 2 me; but then that’s my opinion).

The KGB and the Centre want to induct Philip and Elizabeth’s daughter into their spy operation; and this leads to ten”shun” as our experienced bloody killers experience an elusive glimpse into their conscience. The disguises in this serial are fantastic; and they seem to be changing into multiple personalities even more than Sherlock Holmes. The creative vision of the director and the writer is what makes any film endeavor; so these guys really know how to sock it. Boxing analogies are fun; more violence; thou shalt not mind; since you’ve not read so far into this anyways.

So Paige, Jared, murder mysteries define all of the mumbo-jumbo in this episode; the final one. And I could not figure out why the FBI is the secretive agency here(except the X files; every American serial of late seems to have focused on the CIA(Notable example; Homeland).

Let’s see how the next season gives shape to the new complex dynamic developing here. Until then; Hollywood do manufacture more stuff for your global audience.




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