The Age of Modi

By Sunil Kumar

In the digital age; the quest for fifteen minutes(seconds, nanoseconds) of fame has led to an explosion of ideas; and egotist odes to oneself. The current PM of India seems to have ridden the cusp of this wave; the rise of social media has led to relentless chatter; bordering on extreme frivolity. This is not another discussion on him; but an observation on the times I live in.

2015 India; waking up to relentless headlines of fanaticism; intolerance(all around the world), sex and videotape(no Blu-Ray DVD footage); there is an explosion of information; and a loss of self. I read somewhere that newspapers were invented by the Romans; like all Western theories; I think this could be cooked up. It was definitely manufactured in the Indian subcontinent.

Can the country be cleaned up; will our trains improve; or the parliament function? There seems to be a laissez-faire attitude to this raucous democracy; where internet petitions seem to achieve something; albeit late. Now when Tagore said; “Where the mind is without fear; and the head is held high”; he could never have imagined technology and its myriad manifestations.

The timelessness of India is in its music; food; and a tryst with eternity. Coupled with narcissistic people(including me) and a search for liberation. A better life may be possible in the symphony of the world; if there is a new path forged in the road to infinity.

What is life like in the Age of Modi? For historical record; this could be the age of minute attention spans; verbose tirades; extreme intelligence; and colossal stupidity. Instant nirvana is never on offer; only terse engagements with knowing that seem to be forgotten after a momentary fling. Fate is fluid; destiny is a slate; but is everything written by us? Is the relentless churn of the world just something to be accepted; and what indeed is change?

Money; karma and bleeding trinkets of nothingness. Wait for the weight. Until next time; the code for me keeps unravelling. To the next year; more pages in the book of life. Blog for the day!



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