By Sunil Kumar

Some Greek tragedies are strangely dark and mysterious; evocative of the repressed acts of human existence. Think Oedipus. Now; what could the story of a young girl from the national capital have in common with a mythological story conjured up by a different civilization?

English: Madhuri Dixit at the launch of ‘Emera...

English: Madhuri Dixit at the launch of ‘Emeralds for Elephants’ in India for 1st Time Where: Taj (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Compared to Mumbai; Delhi seems to be popping up on the national radar for its more serious tragic-comic existence; gang-rapes, murders, land grabs and robberies; all under the benevolent gaze of an ineffective political system; a pathetic judiciary; and a self-flagellating media; which is apparently “sold”.

Like the author of this book; I make no attempt at judgments. Although if we were to carefully parse through Avirook Sen’s raison d’etre; he is in the loud lawyer Saini‘s words; no less than a counsel for the accused; the dead girl’s parents; the Talwars.

A mere tweet from me on ambiguity led to a response from an activist that the family was framed. The book “Aarushi” makes a very convincing argument from the same; but it also has to contend with the hypocrisy of Indian society. The girl was a product of her times; a jazz dancer engaged in long conversations with a string of admirers. In the slam, bam; I don’t have time to think times of today; the media acts as a lynch mob; which formally acts as judge and jury; convincing a bunch of people about facts that are often untrue and non-substantiated.

According to the author; Nupur Talwar/Chitnis; was apparently disliked by the investigating officer Kaul to such an extent; that he deliberately fabricated evidence against her. We are given many instances where the CBI; the foremost investigative agency in the land; acts as nothing more than an instrument of the national government; and vindictive egos are given pride of place in the zeal to claim credit.

Zilla Ghaziabad” and its court is a live action Hindi movie; where rival gangs seem to be only marking their territory. If the intention of the author was to create a sense of disgust at the apathy and ineffectiveness of the judiciary; then this book surely does that task very effectively.

Whether the servants were involved; or it was the Talwars themselves; the book makes a potent case for re-opening what appears to be a very hurried; lop-sided judgment. No spoiler here; but the author does make you think that the judge was thoroughly biased; and deliberately scuttled the defence case.

It is a reflection of warped morality that none of them seem to be questioning the sexy shenanigans of an 80+ governor of Andhra Pradesh; N.D Tiwari or equally virile members of all political parties across the nation; but seem to cast aspersions on a 14-year old girl; and her middle-class parents.

Commercialism has certainly dented our so-called “high” morality; but then when none of the ruling class can stake claim to  better moral ground; then this case reeks of needless finger-pointing; and pathetic exploitation by a chronically corrupt media setup.

The author quotes Shobha Rajadhyaksha De; who often comments without due respect to either sanity or a rational argument; and seems to be busy planning her next vacation abroad. The French Riviera; perhaps?

Indian TV is full of “Alec Smarts” who like recharged toys; seem to be eternally spouting the same wisdom; rehashed; every day. She should be focusing her attention on the fact that Nupur Talwar aka Chitnis is a proud “Marathi Mulgi” daughter of Group Captain; who lives in Jalvayu Vihar; in Noida. If you could also remember Devyani Khobragade; or Madhuri Dixit‘s “jhatkas” for the Yadav clan. If it was not keeping up with the “ooh la la” of a vineyard reverie.

An interesting story crafted around a “drama” that played out more for more than its “15 minutes of “airtime” fame; Aarushi is a fascinating read; pointing out the multiple loopholes and obvious warts of the Indian system; which these days somehow sounds like an “overkill”. It’s so goddamn 24×7. Out of my mind now; Ciao!


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