AAP Kisan Rally: From Bhilwara To Boston

By Sunil Kumar

Some people change their ways when they see the light, others when they feel the heat. The hot Indian summer is in full force; and with political posturing a daily phenomenon; the suicide of Gajendra Singh Rathore in a Delhi rally came across not as a surprise; but fait accompli.

Kumar Vishwas summed up the capital’s lackadaisical attitude when he brushed aside the hanging with a simple question; “Latak Gaya”? (Did he hang?). The political turf war over land acquisition has been hotting up; and with the Aam Aadmi Party lagging in the race to score political brownie points; another tragedy unfolded in full public view.

English: This is well renowned poet.

English: Kumar Vishwas. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is not for us to reason why; the Indian citizen should just see and die. Nonsense politics masquerades as viable alternatives for the masses; and television is the modern opium; insidious brand marketing its new mantra. Human life is certainly cheap; when the Aam Aadmi Party’s UK wing offers a million dollar donation only to see televised excerpts of the much publicized spat between Kejriwal and the Yadav-Bhushan duo.

St. Kejriwal should enlighten us about his rationale and changing motivations. The idea of communalism is unfashionable in the nation; when all it refers to is mere community living. It is also probably the only country in the world; where the rights of the majority are often trampled on by sycophantic apologists. It is also equally popular for television anchors to go ballistic and cast aspersions on the RSS; and regular scotch drinkers to revile “Ghar Wapasi”.

Bengali economists should take a serious look at the Hindu rate of population growth; and then reexamine their own hypocrisy. Najma Heptullah; the Parsis are quite self-sufficient; it is the Hindu upper castes who need reservations; 67 years of unsympathetic governments have systematically denied us basic human rights; in the traditional Indian sense.

The Prime Minister’s political compulsions will only lead to further appeasement. There’s nothing such as right; left or left of centre in the political dialectic; what we need is bull’s eye focus; the hallowed nobility of development in the centre-stage. St. Kejriwal gives us daily sound-bytes for consumption; cleverly realizing that the medium is the verbal massage.

As Gajendra Singh Rathore is cremated in Dausa; famous for an exorcism temple; the evil of Indian politics refuses to be subsumed by a pantheon of self-anointed human gods. I never understood the appeal of morality; packaged and sold; consumed in meaningless elections.

Bhilwara has no spiritual connect with Boston; but if it makes you happy; then why the hell are you making it so sad? Make your political innings count; and create a better future; even if it is only for your own family. It may benefit us all.


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