24: Jack’s Back: Season 9 Episode 1

By Sunil Kumar

After 4 years; Jack Bauer is back in the British capital; London. As usual; the most powerful country in the world is facing some mind-boggling threat; and if there’s one man who can stop it; it’s the indefatigable, gun-toting; relentless CTU agent.

Jack Bauer

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The series is interesting due to its slick, fast moves; and the constant on-edge action. In my opinion; 24 slacked off in the latter seasons; and the 2010 Season 8 was the most monotonous. But; with the characters of Bauer; conniving presidents and Chloe firmly etched in the fanbook lexicon; 24 still merited a dekko.

London; the city of history; mates and a long relationship with us(India); not the other side of the Atlantic pond(which they have anyways) has also been shown off in millions of visuals; the most interesting being “Sherlock” of late.

Namaste to Bauer! So Jack(Kiefer Sutherland) is caught using something out of a videogame and the NSA combined and he lands up as usual in an interrogation cell. Other things not to be mentioned in this review are capture of a drone; and a nod to the post Wikileaks; Edward Snowden world. “Live Another Day” will have 12 episodes apparently vis-a-vis 24; so let’s see what our friends out there dish up. As usual; there will be more planes; London in different angles; and the Chief of Staff-President tussle along with a new entourage of schemers. The “24” universe will reprise its time-tested twists and turns.


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