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What is/was the greatest strength and the greatest weakness of the X-Files reboot?

By Sunil Kumar  Since the X-files was something I liked very fervently along with Star Trek at the time of its original run- the 90s, I am not going to subject it to an analytical critique. Frankly, I’ll just …

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How did the Congress party manage to win the 1980 elections even after imposing an emergency for a period of 19 months?

By Sunil Kumar Wrong question. Reread history of India. In 1977; for the first time in Indian democracy; a non Congress government assumed power at the centre. In 1980; Indira Gandhi again became the Prime Minister. 57 Vie

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What can be done to counter the atrocity literature developed against India by Western propagandists?

By Sunil Kumar The answer to your question is very complex. A process of systematic denigration of India’s ancient traditions has been in motion for the past 200 years, since the conquest of the subcontinent by the British. For all …

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