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Sunday Samskritam

By Sunil K देव:   (God) 1st case  देव:  (God) (In Contrast to English where the noun only changes form when in plural or possession (Rama’s bow etc) 2. देवं   (To or towards God) 3. देवेन (By God) 4. …

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Sanskrit Universe

By Sunil Kumar Continued; 3 accents of the vowels(svaras) udata: high pitch, anudat= low pitch, svarit= combination of pitch. Active Voice (कर्तृवाच्य / kartRRIvaachya): We will study “Active Voice” Study the following statements. Main Concepts: कर्ता, क्रिया, कर्म, kritrvachya- karma(with …

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Buddhist Theory of Apoha


By Sunil Kumar Interesting article produced verbatim on my site: I THE STUDY OF THE problem of word-meaning in Indian philosophy has had a very complex and interesting development, much more interesting than is usually realized. It has probably sustained …

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Sanskrit Notes

By Sunil Kumar Aggregation: Pronunciation(uccharan) on the basis of Panini’s shiksha sutras. kantha: throat: mouth and throat are unrestrained talu: palatal: back of the tongue raised towards the palate Middle(murdha); high, lingual, cerebral: where the tip of the tongue reaches …

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Cases in Sanskrit -II

By Sunil Kumar Continuing with the previous post; Ablative Case पञ्चमी विभक्ति (paJNchamii vibhakti) of the noun-form(shabda rupa) represents the “from whom/what” of the sentence. In other words ablative case represents the ablative in the sentence. Ablation which means the removal or …

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Cases in Sanskrit

Nominative is used in the case of karta(or subject). In Three Vachanas(Singular, Dual, Plural) देव:    देवौ    देवा : (One God, Two Gods, Many Gods) Nominative case(the subject or Karta) (Prathama Vibhakti) Accusative case used in the case of …

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देववानी प्रवेसिका


By Sunil Kumar आ नो भद्राः करतवो कष्यन्तु विश्वतो. – Let noble thoughts come to us from every side(Rig Veda) An attempt to get acquainted with the divine language has led me to understanding the many variations of its grammar. …

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Nainital: The Woods Were Lovely, Dark and Deep


By Sunil Kumar There’s a charm, a “je ne sais quoi” about mountains and valleys that evokes a feeling of instant tranquility by even thinking about them. Before I start sounding like Frasier; a very remote possibility; as an Indian, …

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What does W.B. Yeats mean by “intellectual hatred” in his poem “A prayer for my daughter”?


By Sunil Kumar The answer to this question involves delving into W.B Yeats and his personal history. At the age of 24; he met and fell in love with a woman Maud Gonne; who was an ardent supporter of the …

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