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Why did Amitabh Bachchan and Naseerudin Shah never work together?


By Sunil Kumar Amitabh Bachchan made special appearances in two Naseeruddin Shah movies; Hero Hiralal and Jalwa. They were slated to work together in a movie along with Vidya Balan named “Badla”; but it never got made. Also; due to …

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Who was Shashigupta Maurya?


By Sunil Kumar Interesting question. After some research from different sources; what you’ve mentioned is partially true. First of all; there was definitely a Shashigupta. The Maurya dynasty came later after Chandragupta made them popular launching a dynasty etc. As …

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Why is Mumbai not doing anything to clean mithi river?


By Sunil Kumar If you’re concerned; start an activist group or a petition; write to some local corporator or political interest group, NGO; and get some action initiated to clean the Mithi river. One of the reasons ascribed to the …

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If Akbar had been successful in spreading “Din-e-Ilahi”, how different would the political and theological scenario of India have been today?


By Sunil Kumar Probable question; Akbar in the latter stage of his life invited people of different faiths and attempted to build syncretism, tolerance and inclusion in his court and consequently Islam in the subcontinent. If he had successfully spread, …

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Who is the fair lady in “London Bridge is falling down”?


By Sunil Kumar According to this link; it’s either Henry I’s consort Matilda of Scotland or Eleanor of Provence. Origin of London Bridge is Falling Down | Historic Mysteries Related articles Adeliza of Louvain, Lady of the English: A Forgotten …

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How were the drainage systems of Indus valley civilization forgotten during medieval times in India?


By Sunil Kumar Almost all history is open to interpretation and questioning; due to the fact that nobody is sure as to what happened exactly; and anybody who claims to be a 100% certain is either bluffing or living in …

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Will Sherlock(the series) return?


By Sunil Kumar There have been no official announcements; but the BBC is hopeful that Sherlock will maybe return in two years time. It depends on the schedules of Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock) and Martin Freeman(Watson) who juggle television and movies a …

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Why did Morarji Desai resign?


By Sunil Kumar Morarji Desai’s reputation as a tough nut and a strong follower of fellow Gujarati M.K Gandhi was forged even before independence. Interesting snippets: The oldest of eight children and son of a school-teacher Morarji Desai became part …

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Why did India-China relations go bad?


By Sunil Kumar   Thanks. You’re right in saying that India and China never had any large-scale conflicts for thousands of years. But; both countries were not a single political unit in the modern sense until the middle of the …

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What were the opinions of Swami Vivekananda on British rule in India? How did socio-religious movements like this help the freedom struggle?


By Sunil Kumar Swami Vivekananda aka Naren Dutta was a man with a keen intellect; who was quite well-read. Like other Bengalis of the time; he joined the Brahmo Samaj; an organization which worked for social upliftment; but disagreed with …

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