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Why are Sherlock and Watson never arrested for letting criminals get away?


By Sunil Kumar Qra answers continued; Sherlock and Watson are usually called upon to assist Lestrade(the inspector) in his cases. As the hero of the short stories; Sherlock is supposed to be the wizard; who dazzles everybody with his brilliance; …

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How did World War I lead to the appointment of Hitler?


By Sunil Kumar World War I was mainly due to the rivalry of Germany under Kaiser Wilhelm and Britain. Ironically; Germany had only become united in the 19th century; with the strongest state being Prussia controlled by a Chancellor Bismarck. …

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Why couldn’t the French maintain control over their colonies like the British?


By Sunil Kumar Possible reason according to me: turmoil in France compared to relative stability in Britain. In 1789; France had a bloody revolution when most of their royals lost their heads; i.e were guillotined. After that France saw the …

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Who said E=MC Squared And What Does It Mean?


By Sunil Kumar Albert Einstein gave this equation; and it explains the correlation between matter and energy i.e both are two different forms of the same thing. Energy is neither created nor destroyed; it is only transformed.   Read more …

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