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Can Ashwini Kumaras be compared with Castor and Pollux?


By Sunil Kumar Apart from the fact that both of them are twins; and invoked for helping people(either through medicine or sailors); it is a stretch to draw a comparison. The Ashwins are sons of Surya and Saranyu; sometimes Samajna; …

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Why did JRD Tata support the Indian Emergency?


By Sunil Kumar JRD Tata was definitely old school; a generation of industrialists who pioneered change during the early years of independence; and a byproduct of the British Raj.   This is not to undermine his contribution to Indian aviation …

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Why was Ardhamagadhi Prakrit used to write the scriptures of Jainism?


By Sunil Kumar The reason for this is quite simple; it was the language of the court in the most powerful empire of the time – the Magadha janapada which later morphed into the Mauryan empire. The Jain agamas were …

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Who are the most significant goddesses in Greek mythology?


By Sunil Kumar From what I’ve read a long time back; book by Edith Hamilton, a few major Greek goddesses. After the Roman empire conquered Greece; many of their names had Roman equivalents which are equally famous. Aglaia: The Greek …

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What is the depth of the Strait of Malacca?


By Sunil Kumar The Strait of Malacca connects the Andaman sea(Indian Ocean) and the South China sea(Pacific Ocean). Running between the Indonesian Island of Sumatra to the West; and peninsular(West) Malaysia and extreme southern Thailand to the east; it has …

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Was India’s first nuclear test named Smiling Buddha in response to the US fleet stationed in the Bay of Bengal? Had India not tested the nuke; what would be the result?


By Sunil Kumar There are two versions why India’s first nuclear test was called “Smiling Buddha”. Device detonation was on 18 May 1974(Buddha Jayanti) – a festival marking the birth of Siddhartha Gautama aka the Buddha. Also; according to Shekhar …

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Why does Greek mythology focus more on being a hero; while Indian mythology on a leader?


By Sunil Kumar I think the difference is in the cultural framework; and looking at things. Greece is a Western society; more individualistic, cut-throat and relies more on personal bravery and aggrandizement. So you have people like Theseus, Hercules, Perseus, …

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What were the contributions of Jawaharlal Nehru in achieving freedom?


By Sunil Kumar Let us take a look at Jawaharlal Nehru’s life story(1889–1964). Cynicism left aside due to the current barrage of information detailing his numerous mistakes; I was a great fan of Nehru as a child. And I managed …

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The Brown Man’s Burden


By Sunil Kumar Reading Shashi Tharoor and Obama the past week; the Brown Man’s Burden surfaced in my consciousness with alarming regularity. Although the only dreams appealing are mine alone; yet the eloquence, deep and probing intellects of these two …

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