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What are some interesting facts about W.B Yeats?

By Sunil Kumar Here’s a list of some interesting facts about the Irish poet W.B Yeats; who I first read about regarding his interactions with Rabindranath Tagore. Quote Starts: “Fascinated by the occult and mysticism, he joined the Golden Dawn, …

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Which Khushwant Singh books have you liked?


By Sunil Kumar Delhi; a novel. Although I’ve read many of Khushwant Singh’s books; I liked his vivid, poetical descriptions of the history of the capital in this one. In his own inimitable style; Singh reflects on the poignancy of …

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Why did Sanjay Gandhi slap Indira six times at a dinner party?


By Sunil Kumar This is a famous story about Indira Gandhi and Sanjay reported by Washington Post Journalist Lewis M. Simmons. Supposed to have happened some time before the Emergency in 1975. Also mentioned by various media; and Vinod Mehta …

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How much baggage is left behind in Indian airports?


By Sunil Kumar See this link. Goods worth Rs 32 crore left by passengers at Indian airports in 2015 According to the Indian Express news report; the CISF(Central Industrial Security Force) which looks after many airports in the country; estimates …

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Is it true there were no religious wars in pre-modern India?


By Sunil Kumar Strictly speaking; there were religious tussles in pre-modern India. You should clarify pre-modern(in a time frame) as India is a country with a very long history. However; unlike brutal Catholic inquisitions in Spain and Portugal; even against …

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Who are the Nolambas?


By Sunil Kumar The Nolambas were a relatively minor South Indian dynasty compared to the big guns; the Cholas, Chalukyas, the Vijaynagara empire etc. They ruled from 735 to 1052 A.D. Their political influence extended from their capital Hemavati in …

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Was there any visible change in Indira Gandhi’s working style after she was re-elected as PM in 1980?


By Sunil Kumar After the 7th General elections were held on 3rd and 6th Jan 1980; Indira Gandhi again became the 8th Prime Minister with a landslide victory of 353 seats; on Jan 14th.   Her prime-ministership(the final innings of …

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How did Sri Lanka become malaria-free? Can it be replicated in India?


By Sunil Kumar Sri Lanka has a population of only around 21 million; even less than Mumbai. According to the Daily News, Sri Lanka; this is how they eradicated malaria; Setting up mobile malaria clinics that diagnosed and treated people …

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What is Mahasweta Devi’s legacy?


By Sunil Kumar Mahasweta Devi’s work largely comprised of several novels, short stories and poems; and she is known for her novels such as Haajar Chaurashir Maa(Mother of Corpse 1084- backdrop: Naxalite Movement in West Bengal(late 60s and early 70s), …

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What is the difference between Cleopatra and Tryphaena?


Tryphaena was a Ptolemaic princess; the oldest daughter of the Egyptian king Ptolemy VIII Physcon and his niece and wife Cleopatra III. Therefore, she was the sister of Ptolemy IX Lathyros, Ptolemy X Alexander I, Cleopatra IV and Cleopatra Selene …

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