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What is your take on the X-files?


By Sunil Kumar Answers continued; Thanks. If you’re talking about the current season; then I agree…except for one episode which was humorous; the reboot of the X-files franchise was a waste of time. The original X files(1993 to 2002) had …

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Ancient History: Was Achilles really great?


By Sunil Kumar My answers continued; Achilles is a mythical figure; and his existence cannot be confirmed for sure. But; if we take Homer’s accounts about him; he certainly is an extraordinary warrior if he actually existed. Achilles was the …

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Star Trek Enterprise


By Sunil Kumar “Live long and prosper“. Of the many fictional races in the Star Trek Universe; the Vulcans seem to be the most interesting, logical and rational. After having watched a lot of this fictional babble over the years; …

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Atal Bihari Vajpayee


By Sunil Kumar “A successful politician is someone who means all things to all people”. This enigmatic phrase seems to sum up this insightful biography of Vajpayee; by Kingshuk Nag. For someone who is psychologically invested in the future of …

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Do you think the Times of India is sexist?


By Sunil Kumar My Qra answers continued – Seriously; what else could you expect from a newspaper that is in the business of increasing their daily circulation and hyping it every chance they get. However; there is hypocrisy in the …

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How did the name Moriarty come about; for Sherlock’s ultimate rival?


By Sunil Kumar My answers continued; Here’s another psycho-babble version of why the name Moriarty came about. This is from the Colonial Conan Doyle by Catherine Wynne. The fact that Holmes’s arch-rival; the Napoleon of crime; Moriarty is a Celtic-Irish …

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Did the rise of the Maratha confederacy and the fall of the Mughal empire facilitate British colonization?


By Sunil Kumar My answer to a qtn on Qra(the series continued); Interesting. The rise of the Maratha confederacy also happened due to the fact that the Mughal Empire weakened after the death of Aurangzeb in 1707. Shivaji; who laid the …

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What is a mystery you would like to know if given permission?


By Sunil Kumar My Qra answer to this question; I want to know how the universe was created. Every religion has its own theory; and science gives us ideas like the Big Bang; multiple worlds etc. But; no one still …

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How and why was Sir Arthur Conan Doyle knighted?

By Sunil Kumar In 1902; Arthur Conan Doyle was knighted by King Edward VII. He was made a Deputy-Lieutenant of Surrey. His knighthood was not due to the fact that he had written some of the most interesting detective fiction …

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What is the relation between Achilles and Alexander?

By Sunil Kumar Achilles was a mythical hero from Homer’s epic; the Illiad; and historians are still trying to determine where Troy(the city invaded by the Greeks) was; in modern-day Turkey or an island off the coast of mainland Greece. …

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