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Q Answers: Har Har Mahadev! Did Bajirao use that kind of sword?


By Sunil Kumar One of my most-viewed answers on the site; here’s a brief foray into Ranvir Singh..ahem..Bajirao TERRITORY.   The Question: Did Bajirao use that kind of sword as shown in movie Bajirao Mastani? It is also shown that …

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Q Answers Series: History Of The Sikhs In Shanghai


By Sunil Kumar The Qtn: What is the History of Sikhs in Shanghai? I read somewhere that the Shanghai Military police recruited Sikhs from British India for proper law and order implementation.. Can anyone provide detailed information about this please. …

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Q Answers: Rabindranath Tagore On The Vedas


By Sunil Kumar Rabindranath Tagore was the most famous personality of the Thakur family. Thakur in Bengali means a Hindu priest. But Rabindranath’s forefathers were not priests. Their surname was Kushari. Jagannath Kushari was ostracized from the society for socializing …

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Straight Talk: Quora Answers


By Sunil Kumar As I’ve spent quite some time on this network; I’m putting all my answers on this site; positively my mental effusions and IPR. So; anybody who wants to read; please do. Positive affirmations are appreciated. Qtn: When …

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Eye In The Sky


By Sunil Kumar There’s no denying that morality in this age is a skewed affair. Technology has evened the stakes a little; but also made the usual suspects even more belligerent. “Eye In The Sky”; a movie based largely about …

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Dances In Cambodia


By Sunil Kumar Human history is a strange amalgam of feelings; instincts and a mix of rational and irrational forces. In “Dances in Cambodia; and other essays”; Amitav Ghosh talks about countries usually on the fringe of the world’s mindscape; …

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Mann Ki Baat: Udta Schizophrenia And The Middle Class


By Sunil Kumar Social inclusion; foreign trips and warped justice. As a member of the great Indian middle class; the story here is of aspirations, dreams and a vision. Infrastructure could have been instrumental in building quality of life; but …

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